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Re: RideCamp: Earlier vet checks

While this is a great idea, it can cause a logistics nightmare.  After 8 to 10
miles the horses are just not spread out sufficiently.  This impulse of horses
coming in to a P&R check puts tremendious stress on the ride resources.  If the
normal gate into a hold is used then if there is a line the horses back in the
line are penalized.  If there is no hold the horses at the back of the line are
still penalized.  It is very difficult to amass sufficient qualified P&R people
to fairly manage 100 horses coming into a check in a 10 to 12 minute window.

In a situtation like this soon people would be running harder the first 8 miles
so they can get there first which is contrary to what you want to accomplish.
It is a good idea but I think some carefuly thought needs to be given to the
implementation in order that it accomplishes what you want it to accomplish.
There are a couple of rides in the SE region where the distance to the first
check is in fact 15 to 17 miles to spread the large number of horses out
sufficiently that they can be handled at the vet check.  The first time I did
River Run - many years ago - the checks in the first 25 miles were at 8 miles
and 25 miles.  The first vet check was such a zoo that they turned the trail
around and have been running it at 17 and 25 miles for the vet checks for the
last 6 or 7 years.  The ride goes a lot smoother now.

We also have rides in the SE where vets are stationed about 7 1o 10 miles out on
the trail and  check with the riders and look at the horses as the go by.  That
way an early ride problem can be caught and treated before it get too serious.
This seems to work pretty well and doesn't impact the flow of the ride.


Linda Cowles wrote:

> One of Dr Loving's suggestions was to amend the rules to allow for P&R's
> without vets for early checks like these. Her emphasis was on getting
> horses into the P&R and letting them unwind; this pause allows the very
> fit horses to continue on, while horses running on adrenaline can
> decompress and set out at a more reasonable pace. And problems that are
> being covered up by the excitement of the early part of the ride will
> become obvious.
> Linda, Gilroy

Truman Prevatt
Brooksville, FL

Mystic "The Horse from Hell" Storm with one on the way
Rocket a.k.a. Mr. Misty
Jordy a.k.a. Bridger (when he is good)
Danson Flame - Hot Dog I'm healed and ready to go.

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