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RE: RideCamp: overnights in a trailer

Hi Lynn 

I'm sure you're right that in some situations it is better to leave them in
the trailer particularly if you can take the partitions out and give them a
little more space. Probably if you're camping nearby it's less problematic you
can keep an eye on them and warm them up the next day. Also trailers in the UK
are a lot smaller especially with the partitions up. 


While I wouldn't recommend leaving a horse in the trailer overnight and
then expecting them to be rested for a long ride the next day, it's also
not going to kill them.  Years ago I had a mare who got a bad cut on her
hip during the height of the rain/mud season and I didn't have a barn or
stall to put her in to keep it clean.  My vet told me to put her in the
trailer (2 horse straight load) as her stall.  We were letting her out to
give her her penicillin shots but she was feisty enough that she wound up
injuring herself further, so the vet said to put her in and leave her in:
it actually made giving the shots much easier <g>.  She spent two weeks in
that trailer and except for some slight stocking up that went away as soon
as she got out and about, she was none the worst for wear, and showed no
fear or reluctance in future trailer loading either.  Obviously not what
you'd want to do routinely, but it is something the horse can tolerate.

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)

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