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According to Nutrition in Health and Disease appendix tables (an old
reference-1976- but my bible for analyses of things like carrots that don't
change much:

AS FED: a raw whole carrot 7 1/2 in long x 1 1/8 in diam, weighing 72 grams
 is 88% water, provides on 30 Calories (.03 Mcal), 1 gram of protein, trace
amounts of fat (no wonder ti likes them :-), 7 grams of carbohydrate, 27 mg
calcium, 26 mg phosphorus, 246 mg potassium (Aha! but no comparison to
dried apricots that pack 705 mg into the same weight or 2 1/2 ounces of
banana flakes that'll give you 1104 mg!), 7930 iu vitamin A and 6 mg
Vitamin C. So in 1 lb of carrots your horse will get 0.1Mcal energy
(average hard working horse needs 26-32 Mcal/day), 6.3 gm protein, 44 gm
carbohydrate (a little over an ounce), 1.5 gm potassium, 49,959 iu of
vitamin A (as Beta Carotene)-a whole days' requirement! basically (relative
to needs) trace amounts of calcium and phosphorus (but at least in a 1:1
ratio!-better than grain. Hmm-now I can see a market developing for
dehydrated carrot meal...

I too would like to know a table for glycemic indices for HORSES-none
available that I know of and their glycemic responses may differ from
humans, depending on the ration to which they are adapted (Argenzio and
Hintz's early work). Wonder if they have human data on alfalfa or Omolene?
;-). Actually I'm not sure if ti's "G I" was in reference to the glycemic
index (how much glucose is absorbed from a food) or the glucose to insulin
ratio (The higher the glucose relative to insulin, the higher the
ratio-which doesn't speak well for glucose availability to the actual
muscle cell).

Sarah Ralston (who should be working on papers etc but this was too much
fun) and the muddy, unworked Fling

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