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Re:RideCamp:Pregnant mare: Put up or Put out?

I have been breeding mares for the past 11 years. I have always left
them out during the day and put them in during the night when they get
close. They always stay out on grass and I have had mares foal in July
when the grass is the richest. Never even thought about it. What does
your vet think that horses do in the wild? I would watch her though
while I had her out with the gelding. Geldings have been known to kill
foals. Make sure that when she does drop that foal, she is by herself,
so her and the foal have a chance to bond. Is this her first foal?

Lynette wrote:
> Okay all you brood mare experts, I have a good question for you all...
> I have a mare who is due at the end of March. At my vet's request, she is now
> stall bound. He says it is a good idea to keep them up one month before they
> are due so they can "stock up" and stay off fescue, etc.. Here's my problem
> though. It is a brand new 12 x 24 stall and boy is it dusty. All she does is
> pace when my gelding is out in the pasture. I spray down the stall every day
> to try to keep the dust down (doesn't seem to help much) and walk her every
> day, but she must be soooo miserable!! Can I let her rip loose around the
> pasture every once in a while? I do have a fescue pasture but there is nothing
> there, really, since it is winter.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated-
> Thanks,
> Kati & April Moon
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