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Re: RideCamp: Pregnant mare: Put up or Put out?


I hate to disagree with your vet, unless there is some other issue with your mare
I can not for the life of me understand why he would advise you to keep the mare
in a stall for a month before her foaling date.  I was in the breading business
for 20 years and I never kept a mare stalled unless the signs of foaling were
imminent or there were extenuating circumstances.  I evan had mares foal in the
pasture with no ill effects.  IMHO exercise is a good thing for the pregnant mare
and makes delivery easier on her.

Corky Young wrote:

> Okay all you brood mare experts, I have a good question for you all...
> I have a mare who is due at the end of March. At my vet's request, she is now
> stall bound. He says it is a good idea to keep them up one month before they
> are due so they can "stock up" and stay off fescue, etc.. Here's my problem
> though. It is a brand new 12 x 24 stall and boy is it dusty. All she does is
> pace when my gelding is out in the pasture. I spray down the stall every day
> to try to keep the dust down (doesn't seem to help much) and walk her every
> day, but she must be soooo miserable!! Can I let her rip loose around the
> pasture every once in a while? I do have a fescue pasture but there is nothing
> there, really, since it is winter.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated-
> Thanks,
> Kati & April Moon
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