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Re: More Dog fights

We're one of those people that if we can't bring the dogs, we can't go
(though if it became an issue, of course we'd figure it out)---but we also
keep ours in the back of the trailer all weekend or inside with us, or in
the truck.  They don't cause a problem but I get pretty annoyed like
everyone else to find loose dogs peeing on my bale bags or pooping on Cato's
hay or (like last weekend) snatching my stepdaughter's lunch right off her
lap.  God help the dog (and owner) I found biting at my horse's legs!

There is one ride where they will send any one home that shows up with a dog
and that's Sunland.  Base camp (at least used to be) at Hanson Dam
Equestrian Center and the manager Eddy is so fed up that he'll literally
check each rig as it pulls in.  If you have a dog, out you go.  I used to
board there when Cato was in training and he's the same way with boarders as
well, I couldn't even leave Solo in the truck sleeping while I had my
lesson.  But Vicki gives everyone fair warning on the ride flyer.  Hope all
rides don't have to get to that point and everyone will just be more
responsible with their dogs (including the ride vets) so it doesn't come to
that.  Sure seems to me that *alot* of problems would be solved if we all
just thought a little more about the big picture and a little less about
personal inconvenience.

Just my opinion, of course.

Susan G
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Date: Tuesday, March 02, 1999 10:13 PM
Subject: RideCamp: More Dog fights

>In a message dated 2/25/99 2:32:14 PM Pacific Standard Time,
><< That was until we pointed out to him that Jim Bumgardner was unhappy
> with the loose dogs and had stated in the ride flyer, "dogs should be
> kept home or on a leash." >>
>This whole business about dogs at TMT ride is the reason why we have banned
>dogs from our rides for many years.  Since people sneak them in anyway, and
>since it is senseless to make rules that can't be enforced, I have now
>that dogs must be kept in trailers or campers, with walking on leash only
>OUTSIDE of event area.  So help me, if I catch people with dogs defying our
>new, more lenient rules about dogs, I will banish them from the ride
>refund.  The dog issue is an enormous pain in the "you know where"!!!
>many years ago, we used to be quite lenient about dogs, but the whole thing
>got out of control.  Now, because of lack of consideration of the few, we
>had to come down hard on all.  Prospective riders and crews, be informed
>Barbara McCrary, mgr. Castle Rock and Swanton Pacific rides
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