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Re: RideCamp: Re: More Dog fights

Loose dogs? Well here's a tongue-in-cheek solution... send all the loose
children (and spouses??) out to identify the loose dogs and follow them
back to their trailers, and fine the owners $5 and give the money to the
kids. Turn it into a game, with dog owners being liable to pay each time
their dog is tracked home. Additional fees could be levied for dogs
caught defecating or urinating inappropriately.

Call it Hound Patrol or something.

I have a great dog, and love to bring her to rides with me, but would
never let her run around unattended. Annie's a Lappwhieler - a
Rottwieler offshoot breed that has a strong affinity for laps. 

She doesn't realized she's vicious, and is confused when folks avoid
her. She *should* be avoided though, because she has Lickwieler in her
pedigree, and numerous wet kisses are her trademark. Kids at our house
would scream "I'm Licked!!" throughout the day. We were going to make up
T-shirts with a laughing rottie face with the circle slash and a "No
Licking!" title under it.

A friends baby that visited renamed her "Nolikin" after she persisted in
her child care attempts.

Her idea of playing with kids is to get them to try and ride her only to
scoot out from under them at the last minute. There's a reason for the
breed prejudice, but Annie's a great dog.

Linda Cowles
Gilroy CA

Susan Evans Garlinghouse wrote:
> We're one of those people that if we can't bring the dogs, we can't go
> (though if it became an issue, of course we'd figure it out)---but we also
> keep ours in the back of the trailer all weekend or inside with us, or in
> the truck.  They don't cause a problem but I get pretty annoyed like
> everyone else to find loose dogs peeing on my bale bags or pooping on Cato's
> hay or (like last weekend) snatching my stepdaughter's lunch right off her
> lap.  God help the dog (and owner) I found biting at my horse's legs!


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