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Re: RideCamp: picket line resource

Wyoming Outdoor Industries Inc. 
1231 13th Street
Cody Wyoming 82414

order phone  1-800-725-6853 (USA)
fax 307-527-7508

This outfit carries everthing imaginable for horse camping and packing.
They specifically have  High line kit that  consits of 2 tree savers, 6
knot eliminators, and 50 feet of 1/2" poly-dac rope in a bag.  

They also carry a picket line  kit that consists of 1 biothane picket
hobble, 1 aluminum picket stake ,36'  of 1/2" poly dac rope with bull
snap on one end and a ring on the other in a bag.

Hope this helps.

Happy Trails to you until we meet again.
Traildust (Anne Hanson)
Critters (Rambler, Miner and Squirt)                                                                             

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