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Re: RideCamp: RideCamp: saddle blankets


You provide some excellent advise.  Just to add a little:

In a message dated 3/3/99 2:57:15 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< 6.	If a saddle is too tight (you're seeing pressure points ie white hair
 or dry spots), don't fall into the trap of padding even more to
 eliminate them.  Go thinner, if you can, or look for a better fitted
 saddle for your horse.

I had always thought this to be the case & so was really stumped when my
stallion got white hairs and even welts after a long ride below his withers
with the same saddle that didn't leave a mark on his wider dam.  Fortunately,
I ran across a magazine article on saddle fit (may have been by Joyce Harmon),
that mentioned white hairs can occur if the saddle is too wide (particularly
in the front).  On the next ride I noticed the saddle slipped forward & back
about 1/2 inch as I went up or down hill.  Got a crupper, also added another
pad with extra tapered pads glued onto the front (I suspected the saddle not
only slipped forward & back, but may have gone up & down on his shoulders as I
posted, pushing the too big saddle down on his shoulders as I stood up in the
post).  It's been about 9 months since my fix, & his back is vastly improved. 

 7.	If an otherwise perfect combination allows the pad to slip back (or
 off), sew twill strings to the front of the pad and tie the strings to
 the D rings on the saddle.  You can use binding tape from the notions
 department of any sewing/fabric store. >>

Velcro straps work real well, too.  Don't seem to come undone, have used for

Tempo (thanks, you dummy, for finally figuring out how to make me more

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