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Re: RideCamp: RideCamp: saddle blankets


When throwing hay down this winter to the horses from the loft (& looking
straight down on the waiting horses) I noticed that the stallion is narrower
in the body in the wither area than he is in the cantle area.  His dam,
however, is the same width at the wither & at the cantle (at least to the
eye), which is probably why the wide treed saddle I had used on her for yrs
seem to do so well with her, but then caused problems with her son.  Too bad I
hadn't noticed their different conformation a few winters ago!
I suspect that most horses are built more like my stallion than my mare (???).
I had read somewhere recently (sorry I don't have a better memory for
sources!) that saddle trees are built the same width front & back, but that
most horses are not the same width front & back.
My friend has an ortho flex saddle that rubs the winter hair off her gelding's
cantle area.  The gelding is moderate in width, very high withered, especially
for an Arab.  The strange thing is, she used the same saddle on my widebacked,
not much wither, mare for a yr, and it seemed to fit quite well, using a
crupper.  Anyone have any ideas/solutions??


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