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Re: RC: RideCamp: saddle blankets

>My friend has an ortho flex saddle that rubs the winter hair off her
>gelding'scantle area.  The gelding is moderate in width, very high
withered, >especially
>for an Arab.  The strange thing is, she used the same saddle on my
>widebacked,>not much wither, mare for a yr, and it seemed to fit quite
well, using >a>crupper. 

Ahhh loin rubs.  Spring is in the air! :-)  I've had loin rubs every
spring since I got my OF, and never a sore horse.  Funny, it doesn't do a
thing to his hair until it's almost time to shed.  I ride plenty, even
compete with winter coat in the fall and no rubs, so I just consider it
accelerated shedding.  


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