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Loin Rubs!!! Was saddle blankets

Loin Rubs!!!

I (jokingly) blamed this on barn cats for years... BF slept on Shatirr's
butt with his chin on the loin rub.

THEN a very knowledgeable person (Dr Kerry Ridgway) showed me something.
He put my Sharon Saare on Shatirr without a pad or cinch, and had me
lead Shatirr away from him. And he smiled that Ridgway "I knew it"
smile. We had a friend lead him out so I could watch.

Shatirr's larger left shoulder was pushing the back of the saddle to the
right as his left leg came back. The right shoulder pushed it to the
left, but not as dramatically.

I then switched to a SR Enduro and a Sport for Shatirr. The Saare works
fine on three other horses - this isn't a problem with the saddle. It's
just the wrong saddle for this horse.

The lesson? When there's a rub, there's a saddle fit problem.

Linda - Gilroy, CA

"Angela C. McGhee" wrote:
> >My friend has an ortho flex saddle that rubs the winter hair off her
> >gelding'scantle area.  The gelding is moderate in width, very high
> withered, >especially
> >for an Arab.  The strange thing is, she used the same saddle on my
> >widebacked,>not much wither, mare for a yr, and it seemed to fit quite
> well, using >a>crupper.
> Ahhh loin rubs.  Spring is in the air! :-)  I've had loin rubs every
> spring since I got my OF, and never a sore horse.  Funny, it doesn't do a
> thing to his hair until it's almost time to shed.  I ride plenty, even
> compete with winter coat in the fall and no rubs, so I just consider it
> accelerated shedding.
> Angie
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