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Re: More Dog fights

In a message dated 3/3/99 10:42:36 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< We're one of those people that if we can't bring the dogs, we can't go
 (though if it became an issue, of course we'd figure it out)---but we also
 keep ours in the back of the trailer all weekend or inside with us, or in
 the truck.  They don't cause a problem but I get pretty annoyed like
 everyone else to find loose dogs peeing on my bale bags or pooping on Cato's
 hay or (like last weekend) snatching my stepdaughter's lunch right off her
 lap. >>

There are others in the "same boat".  That is why we've tried to make it a
little easier for people to come to our rides.  But I do expect them to honor
out requirements by keeping the dog(s) in the camper or the trailer, and to
walk them on leash only and outside the camp, trail, and vetting area.
There's plenty of room to walk dogs at our site without getting in the way.
Other riders have expressed the same irritation at dog behavior .. the dogs
peeing into ride helmets or on saddles left on the ground next to someone's
trailer, etc., etc., not to mention food theft.


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