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Re: RideCamp: More Dog fights

In a message dated 3/3/99 7:31:50 AM Pacific Standard Time, Dbeverly4 writes:

<<  I love bringing my dog to rides but he is always on a leash, stays mainly
in my camp area or I walk him away from the camp area.  He is such a good
travelling companion and since I am frequently hauling long distances to
rides, I would really miss the company if he couldn't come.  >>

If everyone follows your considerate behavior, then we will have no problem.
When we had a "no dogs" policy, a few brought dogs, but kept them as hidden as
possible (they were afraid of me?).  With a more lenient policy, will those
same ones step farther over the line?  I hope not, because I HATE being the
meanie, but dogs running loose are not conducive to a well-managed and safe
ride event.


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