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Re: RideCamp: More Dog fights

In a message dated 2/25/99 7:38:33 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< My horses are all "dead-broke" to dogs.  But what an
 unfair handicap to horses that aren't.  Hard to believe that a vet would
 a dog-off leash-- to a ride.   >>

A few years ago, one of our vets brought his dog to our ride.  He tied it to
his truck, whereupon the dog crawled under the truck and went to sleep.  Along
came the horses to this particular checkpoint, the dog shot out from under the
truck, stretching the rope across the trail.  The first horse by tripped over
the rope and fell, throwing the rider off.  The rider was injured, the vet was
extremely embarassed (and never brought the dog again).  There are a million
and one reasons it makes good sense to leave dogs at home.  It's an issue that
gives ride managers a big headache.


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