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Re: RideCamp: More Dog fights

In a message dated 2/25/99 2:32:14 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< That was until we pointed out to him that Jim Bumgardner was unhappy
 with the loose dogs and had stated in the ride flyer, "dogs should be
 kept home or on a leash." >>

This whole business about dogs at TMT ride is the reason why we have banned
dogs from our rides for many years.  Since people sneak them in anyway, and
since it is senseless to make rules that can't be enforced, I have now stated
that dogs must be kept in trailers or campers, with walking on leash only
OUTSIDE of event area.  So help me, if I catch people with dogs defying our
new, more lenient rules about dogs, I will banish them from the ride without
refund.  The dog issue is an enormous pain in the "you know where"!!!   Once,
many years ago, we used to be quite lenient about dogs, but the whole thing
got out of control.  Now, because of lack of consideration of the few, we have
had to come down hard on all.  Prospective riders and crews, be informed and

Barbara McCrary, mgr. Castle Rock and Swanton Pacific rides

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