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I had a FABULOUS time at the AERC Convention in Reno. Allan and I spent
an extra two days in Reno, one going skiing and the other visiting the
LAS (Hazel Lucas Racing Arabians) Ranch and a friend (via e-mail) and
his horses.

Since, my husband and I are both new to endurance, this was our first
convention. A couple people said that they missed the old place (Nugget,
I think) but as a convention first timer, I think the Silver Legacy is a
splendid place to start new traditions. I loved meeting new faces and
putting them together with familiar names. One of my goals was to meet
many new people but, like most people you find yourself hanging around
your familiar, comfortable friends. The speakers were great and I
especially liked Nancy Loving. I really hope next year the AERC General
membership meeting won't conflict with speakers. I choose to listen to
the speaker. Anyone go to the meeting??

I thought the Awards Dinner Banquet was going to be boring but I found
myself moved to tears in a few instances, especially Julie Suhrs story
about Lew and Hanne Hollander and DR Thunder Bask initiation into the
Hall of Fame (Horses and People). I did enjoy seeing who the top riders
were and my husband and I are astonished that people can go that many
miles in a year, even the junior riders!!!

The vendors were numerous and I was warned about spending too much
money. I watched my spending ( go up and up and up) and limited myself
to a new saddle pad, heart rate monitor, half-chaps, a nylon trailer
organizer, supplements, a book by Donna Snyder Smith, syringes and
various small items. Too bad I wasn't saddle shopping 'cause there were
at least 6 or 7 saddle manufactures represented. We already know what
our next saddle will be; a SR Saddle. (Yeah right, when I win the
lottery) It is a REALLY NICE saddle. I keep telling my husband, "You'll
have it FOREVER", kind of like the sales lady tells me when I'm looking
at a new, expensive, leather purse. And I reply, "Why would I want the
SAME purse forever!" That's why my purses are 10+ years old but my
leather splint boots are brand new.

I just wanted to say it was a great convention and a BIG "HI" to the new
faces that I met. Now, back to the trail....

Who still can't fathom why anyone would/could do a 100 miler, but is
starting to get very interested in mult-days...

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