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Re: RideCamp: Overnight tied to trailer

  When I leave for a few minutes (go to the
>car to get brushes, med supplies, whatever), he still tries to roll while
>he's tied.  I'm scared that he might break his neck when trying to roll
>while tied.  Is this an unfounded fear?  I can just see him getting the
>rope caught in his front foot while pawing, then rolling and hurting himself.

I can't speak for him rolling while tied high (ie, short enough rope that
they realize even if they try that their knees can't get to the ground) for
grooming after a ride -- my guys typically settle down once I've taken them
to a nice spot and let them roll and relieve the itchies.  For tying
otherwise, the rope is set so that if it were unsnapped from the halter,
the snap would still dangle an inch or so above the ground -- and I'll pull
hard on it to make sure it won't stretch out.  Many people just make a rope
of the right length for their trailer  with a quick-release snap on one end
and a halter clip on the other.  With that length a horse would have to do
something extremely athletic and improbable to get their foot over the
rope! -- my Peruvians are extremely flexible and even they haven't managed
it in over 100 ride/weekends.

There's a good article in the February Western Horseman about trailer
camping with your horse -- you might want to check it out.

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)

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