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Re: RideCamp: Overnight tied to trailer

I have tied my horses to trailers successfully for 25 years.  The length of
line has to be different for various horses (and experience of horses).  I
tie my young stock and inexperienced horses quite short so they aren't
tempted to lie down or roll and thus get their feet caught under the
trailer.  Some older horses can be tied quite long and lie down and even
roll without getting into trouble.  (I don't encourage horses to roll tied -
I usually take them to a good rolling spot after a ride).
I have had some horses get hung up in ropes and hay bags that were very high
in the air.  Apparently, they stood on the fender and started to paw.  I
normally leave my trailer hooked up to my camper, so the swaying caused by a
hung up horse wakes me.  One time when camped in a school parking lot, in a
town by a highway, I felt my pickup sway.  When it didn't do it again I went
back to sleep.  The next morning I found that Sketer had caught his leather
halter on the tie and broken it.  Thus freed he went looking for fun and
hay.  I found him happy and munching hay at another trailer.  Since then I
get up whenever the trailer moves.  It pays to be careful!
Ed Hauser
Sisu Farm
1140 37th St.
Hudson, WI 54016
(715) 386-0465

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