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Re: Circling

Dawna Bynum-Boyd wrote:
> Gently I ask him to move forward, our desired speed...walk.

> Then he anticipates the
> circling, and half way around as we are beginning to turn toward the road he
> picks up speed.  So it's half circle, whoosh, half circle, whoosh, he's
> determined to go faster even if it is in half circle increments.  Silly guy.

Actually, I almost never recommend circling for speeding horses for this
very reason.  Arabs are way too smart for that trick.

I find it's better to only hold the horse back as long as he can stand
to wait, quietly.  Like 5 seconds.  Then quick catch up at a speed he's
happy with until he settles back in with the other horses.  I'd do this
about a kajillion times before I gradually EITHER extend the time he
waits, OR slow the catch-up speed until the desired result is achieved. 
This way he learns to wait for you, but not to the point of discomfort.

- Abby B

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