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Re: Horse too fast!!

In a message dated 2/17/99 6:41:16 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<<  I tried the high fat routine and it
 only seemed to make it worse.  I finally switched him to straight
 oats...problem solved.  He calmed down and isn't the physco horse he was.  He
 now very occasionally gets a handful of sweet feed.  We avoid all types of
 sugar and fat.  When he is on them he turns into a different horse I don't like. >>

In essence, you took away a lot of the simple carbs and you are making him
utilize the fiber in his diet--which his large colon processes into volatile
fatty acids.  So--he is, in fact, running on some degree of fat.  You are
right on, though, that many horses DON'T need extra calories in ANY form--they
get plenty out of their regular diet.


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