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Re: kid flinging pony

Since we're getting lots of response on my pony post, I thought I'd post
Josie's response to one of the posts.  As you see, looks like a few more
hits on the head and she'll make a great endurance rider. :-)

--------- Begin forwarded message ----------
    This is Angela's daughter Josie.  I'm 8.  I usually smack the tar
outta him, but this time I was on his neck before I knew what was
happening.  That's the 2nd time he's bucked me off.  The next time he
almost bucks I'm gonna smack him before he gets his hind legs up! 
Bonnie, (my 12 year old sister) used to ride him but when he bucked she'd
almost cry, but she's quiet tough!  That's the first time I have ever
cried.  I have never ever in my whole life cried for falling off a pony
except once.  My old pony rolled over me one time.  It was in the horse
feild.  This time I fell head first, and on the biggest roots on the
trail!  Darn!!  I had all those soft spots to fall off and I was trying
to pull my self up.  Then on the biggest root is when I fell.  Well,
better go!

On Wed, 17 Feb 1999 21:19:51 EST writes:
>Hi there fellow horse and pony enthusiast!
>   Your letter brought back fond memories of Blue my very own first, 
>all my
>very own welsh pony. I am 39 now and it has been many years but I 
>remember the buck he had. 
>   Ponies as you know can be the most sneaky little devils to ride. 
>What I had
>to learn (and I went from western performance on horses to training 
>rankest ponies) was to be stronger than the pony and get that through 
>heads. I had to learn to "get after them" like you did when you had 
>the time
>to ride the pony. Your daughter has to learn to get real darn fussy 
>with the
>little vixen. I am sure it's not the saddle or the bit or the 
>anything. That
>pony knows your daughter is going to allow the bucking with no 
>I had at times when been thrown grabbed those reigns and fussed like a 
>until I had ol Blues attention. (Yes, I did smack the tar out of him) 
>but it
>is the pony or the childs life when out on the trail. Blue was not 
>ever afraid
>of me but was afraid to misbehave while I or anyone was on him and 
>soon I was
>paying his board by giving pony rides at baseball games.
>   Now I would never get that physical with my Egyptian Arabians. They 
>have a
>different mind. They would never do a bad thing just for the thrill of 
>it if
>they thought I would get hurt. 
>   Now I hope you don't get offended at "smack the tar out of" because 
>I was 8
>and don't think I ever hurt him at all. But I had to have the mindset 
>that I
>would kill him if he ever did it again. I agree with John Lyons "you 
>got 3
>seconds to kill that horse."
>Happy Trails
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