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Re: Horse too fast!!

On Wed, 17 Feb 1999 21:14:05 EST, wrote:

>In this case, "immerse" means total dependency on limited, tunnel vision
>"science" that slavishly follows the party line without having the slightest
>interest in creative or innovative thought or action. 

Tom, the first time I responded to one of your nutrition posts,
questioning the applicability of aerobic race-track data to anaerobic
endurance rides, you responded with the same kind of ad hominem

I would suggest that it is you who has the tunnel vision, who sees
only what supports your conclusions, and who personally attacks those
who question you.

I would recommend that anyone seeking wisdom for feeding endurance
horses be very careful about putting your recommendations into
practice.  And that's based on 12,000 miles of highly successful
endurance competition (11,525 miles of it with one horse).  It's easy
to talk the talk, but I trust the knowledge of those who have walked
the walk.


Joe Long     Business    Personal

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