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Re: Horse too fast!!

In a message dated 2/17/99 5:01:42 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Some of us actually combine direct experience with endurance horses *with*
 the literature.  And the literature is based on real, live, recent clinical
 studies.  Some of us even contribute to the literature with relevant,
 repeatable data.  "Immerse" does not equal "pay attention even if we don't

In this case, "immerse" means total dependency on limited, tunnel vision
"science" that slavishly follows the party line without having the slightest
interest in creative or innovative thought or action. 
 >Maybe I'll
 >give you a few teasers so you can attack your own guru.
 >Here's one: "Ingested fats are usee primarily as a source of dietary
 >although if a diet contains adequate available carbohydrate and protein,
 >are not needed as a source of energy."
 >That's on Page 22. Seems pretty clear to me.
 >Me too.  Especially the sentence immediately following your own quote:>

In other words, you chose to ignore it
 >"Digested fats provide over 2.25 times more utilizable energy than an equal
 weight of digested carbohydrate or protein.  Because of their high energy
 density...these foods may be added to a horse's diet to increase its dietary
 energy intake in an effort to increase its growth rate, milk production,
 reproductive efficiency or physical performance.">>

I can't disagree with that, either, especially  the "may be" part. However,
the first sentence was the lead of the paragraph--the topic sentence. Lewis is
saying that you have a choice to feed fat, and that it's a high energy content
nutrient, but if you feed adequate carbohydrate, it's not necessary.  

 >By the way, since we last argued about this subject, there have been
 >score of papers published concerning carbohydrates and sprint or endurance
> Do any of them have to do with horses, or are they all about humans again?
 Do we need to review yet again that a simple-stomached animal does not rely
 on energetics the same way as a hindgut fermenter?>

Most have to do with how muscles process fuels. For example, a diet rich in
carbohydrate nearly eliminates the use of fat as a muscular fuel--no matter
how much fat you feed. The athletic body perfers carbohydrate. 
 >That reminds me, I need to xerox my ICEEP abstracts for you so you can get
 up to speed on recent advances in *equine* exercise physiology, don't I?
 Will I be seeing you at any of the research meetings this year?  Sure is
 lots of new stuff going on, sure would be a shame for you to keeping missing
 it all.  :-)>

I don't get a free ride to ICEEPs--so I attend the ones I can afford to
attend--3 of them thus far. Very pleased, though, that my tax dollars are
sending you to places where you'll expand your knowledge, somewhat. The
proceedings will be out soon enough. 
 Susan G


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