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Re: Circling

dave & abby bloxsom wrote:
> Dawna Bynum-Boyd wrote:
> >
> > Gently I ask him to move forward, our desired speed...walk.
> >
> > Then he anticipates the
> > circling, and half way around as we are beginning to turn toward the road he
> > picks up speed.  So it's half circle, whoosh, half circle, whoosh, he's
> > determined to go faster even if it is in half circle increments.  Silly guy.
> Actually, I almost never recommend circling for speeding horses for this
> very reason.  Arabs are way too smart for that trick.
> I find it's better to only hold the horse back as long as he can stand
> to wait, quietly.  Like 5 seconds.  Then quick catch up at a speed he's
> happy with until he settles back in with the other horses.  I'd do this
> about a kajillion times before I gradually EITHER extend the time he
> waits, OR slow the catch-up speed until the desired result is achieved.
> This way he learns to wait for you, but not to the point of discomfort.
> - Abby B

I've had good luck with circling but in a different way.  With a very 
forward tb/qh mare I would make biiiig circles.  Sometimes it took us an 
hour to make it the last quarter mile home, but she finally learned to 
really walk on a loose rein.  Worked better than the little circles, 
maybe because it felt more like work.  We would begin to circle back if 
she started jigging, and then start for home as soon as she slowed down. 
Very time consuming, but we found it effective.

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