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This weekend I decided to try the circling technique discuss recently.  I'm
thinking this is great, how hard can it be?  So a few hours into the ride, I
ask my horse Jay to stop and wait for a minute, the other horses go trotting
ahead down the rode and out of sight.  Jay become anxious, moving around,
fidgeting etc.  Gently I ask him to move forward, our desired speed...walk.
Of course there is no way he's going to walk with horses ahead to catch.  So
out comes the circle.  I ask him to circle, he obliges, clearly interested
in moving ahead but circling on request.  I slowly straighten him out to
move forward down the trail and he speeds up, I circle again, clearly
frustrated and wondering what is wrong with me he stops and waits for me.  I
move him forward again, he accelerates, we circle.   Then he anticipates the
circling, and half way around as we are beginning to turn toward the road he
picks up speed.  So it's half circle, whoosh, half circle, whoosh, he's
determined to go faster even if it is in half circle increments.  Silly guy.
Guess this is going to take longer that I thought, guess time will tell
who's more determined!



    Check it Out!    

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