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Re: Horse too fast!!

In a message dated 2/17/99 3:08:29 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Well, Tom, you are nothing if not a one-trick pony.  Consistency, thy name
 is Tom.
 Still anxiously awaiting the previously alluded to quotes from Lewis
 claiming that "he's not a fan of fat."  It's getting boring around here.
 Susan G >>


I give the best advice I can according to my limited bag of tricks. Some here
have suggested I'm trying to kill listers' horses with my advice. What I'm
actually doing is reporting the experiences of myself (approaching 30 years)
and some 700 trainers I work with. If some of you would like to (selectively)
immerse yourselves in the literature and ignore the real world, that's ok by

The Lewis stuff is on the way. I've written four articles on his book and have
a few more to go before I start pulling quotes for the newsgroup. Maybe I'll
give you a few teasers so you can attack your own guru.

Here's one: "Ingested fats are usee primarily as a source of dietary energy,
although if a diet contains adequate available carbohydrate and protein, fats
are not needed as a source of energy." 

That's on Page 22. Seems pretty clear to me. 

By the way, since we last argued about this subject, there have been another
score of papers published concerning carbohydrates and sprint or endurance
athletics. Would you like me to review some of those with you as well?


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