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Re: Marking trails

>In a message dated 1/1/99 8:42:15 AM Pacific Standard Time,
><< Even on well-traveled roads, a line of Dolomark or something similar across
> the road still holds up to traffic pretty well and will get riders' attention
> not to continue in that direction.... >>
>And I 've experienced "lolly-gagging" riders go right across a double white
>line while they were visiting with each other.  I still prefer the tape strung
>across the trail.  I've even strung it across a wide road.  Actually, being a
>person who hates to leave anything to chance, I've done both at the same
>place, and added an arrow for good measure.  How's that for over-kill?  It

If there's something I *really* don't want the riders to miss  I'll try to
get a human out there to direct traffic.  Barring that,  I lay in the
ribbons real heavy (including some of my ribbons with silver mylar tape) to
catch people's attention just before the critical point, then I use chalk
and "pie plates" to indicate a turn or warning or no-entry.  Our rides in
SY are on private ranch lands with cattle so I stopped using paper plates
years ago because the cattle eat them (just like they eat flagging tape)
and thought I was in good shape using colored (so I can match them to the
ribbons) plastic picnic plates.  Not!  The range cattle/wild pigs we
encountered at our fall ride on a new ranch this year just seemed to think
the plates were a crunchy treat.  So now I'm collecting real metal pie
plates (from Heidi Pies, etc -- tough duty, but someone has to do it . . .
.) for use.

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)

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