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Re: Weather;;;;We finally got it......

Hi to all of you and a very happy prosperous NEW YEAR
well we had a great time enjoying the high, unusuall,temps
I guess it is all over now, COLD COLD COLD, a month ago
we had to shut off all the water that goes to the stalls because
of the colder nights, but the temps would go up to 50&60s
during the days. Right now it is 22 degrees, it has been. All
buckets have been freezing for days. Reality has set in,now
I remember how it is to carry water to the stalls instead of
using the hose.Hoping you all have a nice warm house to go
into after taking care of all the back yard babies.We have 14
here to take care of , but we wouldn't do it unless we loved it.

Marcy              KEEP ON TRUCK"IN

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