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CNN is going to be there, but has anyone heard when they are going to
air it????

Teddy Lancaster wrote:
> Sorry Jerry, but your are just blowing off steam....if you have ever seen or
> ridden with any of the selected riders/horses you would KNOW differently.
> PLUS, we now have much of the information we need from our riders having
> ridden in the UAE and we have great crew experience in sand and humidity.  I
> dare say also, that the UAE has gone to great, and I mean GREAT expense, to
> make this the course and event to beat all.  AND, they don't have the
> strategic experience WE have.  USA will look GREAT, no matter what the
> outcome. This will be a class it on CNN.  I'll wave hello.
> Here's to our best shot at the GOLD!!!!
> Teddy
> Jerry wrote:
> > One last comment then I;m the hell out of this one.  No one, and I mean no
> > one has trained in sand, a nd I mean real sand like at Doe Lake in FLA.
> > Sand and humidity.  Desert sand isn't really sand.  Its to grainey and
> > dosen't pull on a horse.  But the Doe Lake sand will g rab your ass and
> > turn you around in a New York Minute.  So for you hot shot westerners who
> > think you know sand  and humidity all I can say is bull shit.  Jerry
> >
> > On Thu, 29 Oct 1998, Carl Meyer wrote...
> > >Jerry,
> > >Our time will come with the race results of Dubai however we must keep
> > >the pressure on if there is any chance to revive the sport for the sake
> > >of the HW's.
> > >I told Tony that I would lay him 10 to 1 that none of the selections
> > >would finish in the money excluding Valerie which is the only one that
> > >has trained in the deep sand with the high humidity however he could get
> > >20 to 1 or more in Las Vegas from the smart boys. Never the less it
> > >boils down to the fact that we will be sending a team of FW's from the
> > >west.Sending FW's is as close to professionalism as one can come but
> > >sending high country horses that historically have raced poorly in the
> > >east is adding mustard to the cake. JUST WAIT OUR TIME WILL COME!!!!!
> > >Carl
> > >

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