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Sorry Jerry, but your are just blowing off steam....if you have ever seen or
ridden with any of the selected riders/horses you would KNOW differently.
PLUS, we now have much of the information we need from our riders having
ridden in the UAE and we have great crew experience in sand and humidity.  I
dare say also, that the UAE has gone to great, and I mean GREAT expense, to
make this the course and event to beat all.  AND, they don't have the
strategic experience WE have.  USA will look GREAT, no matter what the
outcome. This will be a class it on CNN.  I'll wave hello.

Here's to our best shot at the GOLD!!!!


Jerry wrote:

> One last comment then I;m the hell out of this one.  No one, and I mean no
> one has trained in sand, a nd I mean real sand like at Doe Lake in FLA.
> Sand and humidity.  Desert sand isn't really sand.  Its to grainey and
> dosen't pull on a horse.  But the Doe Lake sand will g rab your ass and
> turn you around in a New York Minute.  So for you hot shot westerners who
> think you know sand  and humidity all I can say is bull shit.  Jerry
> On Thu, 29 Oct 1998, Carl Meyer wrote...
> >Jerry,
> >Our time will come with the race results of Dubai however we must keep
> >the pressure on if there is any chance to revive the sport for the sake
> >of the HW's.
> >I told Tony that I would lay him 10 to 1 that none of the selections
> >would finish in the money excluding Valerie which is the only one that
> >has trained in the deep sand with the high humidity however he could get
> >20 to 1 or more in Las Vegas from the smart boys. Never the less it
> >boils down to the fact that we will be sending a team of FW's from the
> >west.Sending FW's is as close to professionalism as one can come but
> >sending high country horses that historically have raced poorly in the
> >east is adding mustard to the cake. JUST WAIT OUR TIME WILL COME!!!!!
> >Carl
> >

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