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[RC] Glue on boot tips with photos & results - Kchaton

I did more of a review and writeup on using the Renegade glue-ons and posted with photos in my blog here.  

I also took and posted some photos of Chief's hooves after the front Renegade glue-on boots were removed on his front feet after nearly three weeks in the boots, and photos showing how the boots themselves faired.

Yesterday I removed Chief's hind glue on Renegade boots.  They were on for eleven days and everything looked good so I think that probably the optimum amount of time to leave a glued on boot on your horse is going to be up to ten days. 

You'll see in some of the above photos why I wasn't real happy with the results of leaving them on for three weeks, but YMMV, and every situation is different so it may work better for others and in either case it shouldn't be a problem but the hooves will grow and won't be able to self wear.  It is real important to have a really clean hoof prior to gluing so thrush doesn't develop. 

I remember when I was competing quite a bit on Rocky while he was shod and he had to be reshod every three or four weeks.  Four was the max time he could go, so I'm really not learning anything new - my horses all do best with more frequent hoof care especially when they are competing frequently and getting a lot of work. 

The glue ons are a great choice for certain situations but certainly not something that I personally want to be using often.  They have me a little concerned about the long term health of my horses hooves - so for now I'll use them for special situations like multidays on the same horse (two or more days) or for one day 100's.  I have been having such good luck with the regular Renegade strap ons that to really justify the extra effort of prep, application and removal of the glue-ons it's not really working out to be easier.