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Re: [RC] which saddle to use? - rides2far

>>>>I can't comment on any of the saddles you're considering for yourself, but I started out with a big horn endurance myself.  I liked the saddle a lot for my comfort, and my Arab did fine in it when we started conditioning, but got sore as we got fitter and started working faster & longer.   It was a fairly heavy saddle (as far as endurance saddles go - but lighter than your average Western saddle.)  My horse got >>>sore in the loins - so it was possibly too long a saddle for his back,
I live a few miles from where they make Big Horns and got someone who worked there to borrow a tree for me to try on my horses. My husband's App rode with a Big Horn and would be sore in the loins the 2nd day if we rode 2 days straight. Turns out it's just not wide enough in the back for our not especially stocky type App. You think that since they say they use a semi-QH bars or something like that that it would fit a western type horse but actually the horse that it fit like a custom tree was an Arab that was not wide in the loin area. This was a 15" seat. If you take the exact same saddle in a 16" tree it's TOTALLY a different story as to what it fits so do not assume that if a 15" saddle fits your horse but you want a bigger seat that you can go to 16 and have the tree fit anything like it did before.  The reason our horse was sore was that you were sitting with all your weight on the very *edge* of the tree around the cantle.
I have short legs (5' tall) and it puts my legs our in a chair position. I understand taller people don't have that problem.

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