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Re: Re: [RC] [Endurance Tracks] France requests change to 2008->2009 - Leonard.Liesens

Title: Re: Re: [RC] [Endurance Tracks] France requests change to 2008->2009

Exactly Richard :-) As a british citizen, even if you live in france (and eat the real good food :-) )) you still explain better than I.

John Steph, Merri... please explain them that it is not that different:-) What's different?  You have huge pickups and huge trailers, you have a better scenery, you have a different consideration of horses (maybe the word consideration is wrong and dioesn't reflect what  mean)... we have better food, we pace differently, our vetting is stricter, we have time limit, we don't like to ride in the dark, riders seems younger (well that doesn't tell for me obviously)... what else

Leonard, belgium


Most French riders *aren't* professionals. "Most", here, is a
mistranslation, I think, for "many". The situation is further
confused because you can have a "professional" licence - without
being, in any meaningful way, a professional. Of about 7,000 riders
there are around 200 who hold these licences. North of the Loire
river (1/3rd of the country) I can't think, offhand, of 20 riders who
would be described as 'professional endurance riders/trainers', and
most of them combine endurance with running equestrian centres,
breeding,  and so forth.

The fact that some French endurance rules are similar in some
respects to FEI regs should not be taken to mean that French
endurance is run under the auspices of the FEI. It just isn't. And at
any ride you go to - any non-FEI ride, i.e. most of them - you'll
find a vast majority of people who just want to have an enjoyable day
doing the best they can with their horse.

It's not like I, or Leonard, haven't tried to explain this to y'all
many times before. But no, the same old straw man keeps getting put
up so you can knock him down again. If you actually came to a
European endurance ride you'd find the whole experience far more
familiar than you think.  By far the highest proportion of entries at
any given local ride comes from the Club members, who have no
aspirations to race. You can't move for turtles. It's like the
Galapagos Islands, only with worse weather and more Frenchmen.


Richard Allen