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Re: Re: [RC] [Endurance Tracks] France requests change to 2008->2009 - Leonard.Liesens

Title: Re: Re: [RC] [Endurance Tracks] France requests change to 2008->2009

1. Most european rides are NOT FEI rides. Our rides ranging from 40 to 100km are national rides, not FEI. FEI rides starts at 119km (now 120km). But in France, Spain and other countries, half of the rides of 119km or more are entered by amateurs riders who are riding under national federation sanctioning.

2. french or european equivalent to AERC... well, kind off
3. yes, look at point (1)
4. yes, sure:-)  looking also for qualification for going to the upper level
5 false... only a few are professionals (50 riders maybe)

No problem Diane. Consider a trip to Europe...


Hi Richard,

Thank you for correcting my mistaken impressions.  To be sure I understand:

  1) Most French rides are *not* FEI sanctioned,
  2) There is a French equivalent of the North American AERC,
  3) Most French rides are sanctioned by this French equivalent,
  4) French rides that are not FEI have an atmosphere very similar to
     AERC rides with most riders focusing on enjoying the ride and their
  5) Many but nowhere near "most" French riders are "professional".

I apologize for reiterating a straw man.  I really thought that almost
all the European rides were FEI rides.  Again, thank you for clearing up
this misconception.

Regards, Diane