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Re: [RC] World Records? - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

Does anyone know who has the record for the "Longest Endurance ride on one 

Just happened to be reading a 2002 Trail Rider magazine that I traded for to 
read on the plane coming home from MOTDRA...

If you forget the vetting their records went to:

1st place: Dmitry Peshkov who "rode 5,500 miles across Siberia in the winter of 
1889 arriving to a heros welcome in St. Petersburg in 193 days"  (kinda hard to 

2nd was another Russian (maybe the Vodka just made them *think* they did this??

Mikhail Vasilieitch Aseev rode to Paris, France from Kiev Russia ...2200 miles 
in 33 days...but he used 2 cavalry mares averaging 100 kilometers a day.

According to the article, Peshkov & his horse were described by an American 
newspaperman as follows:
"The Cossack turned out to be a small man with a face of mahogany darkness from 
the exposure of the winds of Siberia. His horse was a big barreled gray pony 
about 14 hands high. The horse was all barrel, hams, and shoulders. His pace 
was a fast walk that carried him over the ground at five miles an hour"

That "big barreled" line kinda gives me hope for 7...


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