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Re: [RC] Fires in Australia - Sisu West Ranch

One of the problems with trying to formulate a proper response to climate, is figuring out what we can or have actually affected.  Logic would indicate that this is to be done before drastic political measures are implemented.
One of our problems is that we humans look at things on the short term.  If you don't believe this watch the executives of Fortune 500 companies do counter productive things just to change the current quarter profit or loss.
Geologically speaking, a short time ago (~12000 years) my house was under 500 feet of water backed up by glaciers.  An extremely short time ago, Vikings settled in Greenland and lived there for 300 years.  Unfortunately, the next climate change was the end of the Middle age warm period.  This was followed by the Mini-ice age.  Farming was no longer possible in Greenland, so they starved to death.  The mini-ice age lasted until a couple hundred years ago.
Now things are getting quite warm.  How much is caused by people?  How much would happen anyway?  Will the warmer climate, on the whole, allow the earth to support more or fewer people?
Since the present "crisis" is one of fires we should ask the question:  Have periodic fires been a part of this ecosystem before modern man?  Have people recently done things that made them worse?
In west Montana, there have always been wild fires.  Irrespective, of any climate change a number of human actions have made them worse and more bothersome.  Starting after a bad fire year in 1905, the forest service stopped all fires.  No fire, more fuel, a bigger fire when one happens.  The mature stands of ponderosa pine were cut down.  Fire suppression, and a few big fires makes it harder to get the trees big enough to resist fire.  People have decided that it is really nice to have a house nestled among the pine trees half way up the mountain, that means that the impact of a fire  on them is much greater.
My bottom line:  Things like this are extremely complex, be very careful when someone (particularly a politician) claims to know what is going on and that he/she has the solution.
"The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine."  Albert Einstein,  20th, century.
Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875
(406) 381-5527

RE: [RC] Fires in Australia, Tom Sites