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[RC] Dixie Midnight pads - Soli Sorokin

I've looked through the archives, but there hasn't been a whole lot of discussion on these, other than "hey, they're wonderful" or "Long Rider's think they hurt horses".

Yes, I was skeptical of them for reasons similar to what the Long Rider's seem to point out. I also have used those "tacky-tack" pads in the past and they seem to build up excessive heat, quickly, but were fine for short, cooler jaunts or to start a young horse in. What I've been using for the last year on my main horse is a 1" thick 100% wool felt pad, and this has been successful, but like all fabrics after use, it looks like a yak spit up a hairball, despite several washings, scrubbings, etc.

So I gave in, treated myself to an Xmas Dixie Midnight pad. I just now finished throwing it down on the kitchen floor, walking on it, examining it, and then cutting it to fit the pad. But I'm dubious. AND the thing stinks like chemicals. And I can't try it out myself anytime soon with this miserable weather, so am turning to the Board of Experts here on Ridecamp.

How is air supposed to flow through something that will compress with the addition of weight applied to it? Same for the sweat - won't it all just pool in there amid the plastic, causing heat retention? What's with the horrible stench?

I like the idea of it to preserve the integrity of my saddle pads. I'm not convinced yet that it will be as good, if not better, for the horse, which at the end of the day is the most important factor.

I'd be interested in hearing stories on it, both good and bad. I've already bought the pad, so it's just a matter of knowing what to look for with it. Reply privately if you want.? I typically ride 10-30 miles at a time 3x a week through spring-fall (occasionally more), and move at a swift pace, but these aren't endurance horses. Horses it would be used on don't have back issues, and I don't want to start having them.

Thanks in advance ;)