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Re: [RC] re: Bryce and wilderness - Joe Long

Truman Prevatt wrote:
Pushing for legislation is a good idea. However, based on a the small number of people involved and based on the history of the AHC and the BCHA effort to get the Right to Ride legislation through Congress - I believe if we want to ride on Wilderness we need to look for formats where we can do that.

The Tevis organization has a lot fewer people than the AERC, and they got their exemption through  Congress.  Although we can be sure that if we don't ask for it, we won't get it.

The Old Dominion faced a similar problem in that an essential part of their trail passed through a National Park, which also don't allow competitive events.  Some creative work with the park managers resulted in that portion being considered simply "transiting" the park, with no actual racing taking place there -- since the start, finish, and all vet checks were outside the park.

There are other ways to go without abandoning the endurance format.
For those that don't know the BCHA has been working with the AHC to push what some call the "Right to Ride" - "Preservation of Equine Heritage on Public Lands Act" through Congress. This would impact all horsemen who ride on federal public land - not just endurance riders. http://www.horsecouncil.org/pressreleases/2007_Preserving_Equine_Heritage.php

The bill has made it though committee in the House but has not yet been above to get out of committee in the Senate. The reason is the Senate committee views it as a "special interest" legislation and will not consider it unless the scope is broadened to include other interest. The AHC is still working the issue but it is unclear how successful they will be.

Then we should join in the effort with them, to add more impetus.
If we want to ride in Wilderness land - best bet I see is to work within the system and develop a format that would allow that. It may not be an endurance ride as we define it today. However, if enough members see it as something the AERC should support - then it should be pursued.
Taking a defeatist attitude and saying "They'll never let us have endurance rides there, so we must change what we do and put on non-endurance rides" is not a good approach IMO.  To me "working within the system" includes working with our elected representatives in Washington.

Joe Long  aka ChipRider

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