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RE: [RC] Git R Done Special in January - EnduroGal

Title: Re: [RC] Git R Done Special in January

“None of the comments on this thread should be taken as bashing ride managers. “


…And I agree.  Interestingly, though, I never did receive a response or even an educated guess when I questioned what ride-related expenses were covered by those $600 entry fees…  that kind of question is definitely not bashing.  It’s a reasonable question.  If a rider is going to pay this kind of fee (which is about four or five times as much as other 100-mile entry fees), it’s only reasonable that, in return, she would be provided with an explanation – if she requested it - as to what those fees covered.  If the majority of a fee like this goes toward increasing the profitability of the club or organization, I can’t say I wouldn’t feel a bit… taken advantage of?


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Subject: RE: [RC] Git R Done Special in January


I wasn't bashing the ride manager, just stating a fact.  Only someone who is doing FEI would pay that much for an endurance ride.  The ride entry, which you can check on line, specifically says that those who only ride AERC will pay the same entry fee as the FEI riders.  Would you ever pay $500 for a regular AERC ride entry?  I am fine with FEI rides and don't care how much they charge but to expect a non FEI rider to pay that much is kind of silly, especially in today's economy.  By setting that high of an entry fee regardless of the reasons for such a high fee you are going to limit or eliminate regular AERC riders.  If the higher AERC only fee was set so as to not take away from other AERC rides close to their date then I stand firm with my first comment that it is obvious that they only want FEI riders to enter.  None of the comments on this thread should be taken as bashing ride managers. 



From: Kassandra 

I don’t think we should be bashing ride managers for putting on endurance events.  If you had any idea how much work is involved, money up front in just sanctioning an FEI event, and fees after, the expense of getting officials and vets and paying to fly them in, etc. etc.  I am greatful to the GIT R DONE management team for putting forth the effort to put on an event that is not only wanted, but needed.  There are so few of these events on the west side of the US.  

And please do not take it personal by stating they “obviously do not want just AERC riders”  I think that is unfair statement that is misinformed.  A few key persons that make this particular ride happen are always going out of their way to support AERC and volunteer their time at AERC only events.  I would bet if it is worded that way in the fees, it is because they need the amount to break even.  Putting on an FEI event is not a money making venture in any way!




RE: [RC] Git R Done Special in January, Cunningham, Marci