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Re: [RC] Awards - Diane Trefethen

Lif Strand wrote:
I have a couple of questions for all of you about awards. Answer any or all, as you please - but please do answer!

1. Do awards make a difference as to whether you'd go to a ride or not? If so, what's the minimum type of award that makes the difference?
No and n/a

2. Rides used to give out buckles for awards, but don't any more. Is it because they're too expensive and add a cost to the ride that riders won't bear? Or is it because riders don't care about buckles?
Way back when, most of us rode in jeans. Nothing looks better on a pair of jeans than a beautiful, shiny buckle that also says you can REALLY RIDE!

3. What about T-shirts? Jackets?
T-shirts are okay but there is always the run-on-one-size problem.
Jackets? You can't mean as completion awards. If you do, they'd have to be too cheap to last 5 minutes.

4. What's the best completion or other award you've ever gotten? And would you want to always be able to get an award like that?
A good quality horse sheet with my horse's name, name and date of ride and Best Condition embroidered on it.
For completion, a beautiful wine glass.
For always, I'd rather have a coffee mug. You can always use another coffee mug. Same for a hoof pick.

5. What's the lousiest completion award you've ever gotten? And if you feel it was lousy, why?
There are no lousy completion awards.

6. What's your recommendation for a perfect completion award?
My horse being a happy camper. There ARE no other PERFECT awards.


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