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Re: [RC] Mongol Derby- interesting politics-NOT envious - Lif Strand

The Mongol Derby is not about endurance riding, obviously.  It is very
much about money (the point of view of the people putting it on) and
adventure/competition (the point of view of the human competitors).
My experience, and that of others I believe, has been that when
animals are combined with the human rewards of money and competition,
things often don't go well for the animals. It's human nature to get
carried away by competition and reward.  Hence we have bear baiting,
(blooded) bull fighting, cock fighting, dog fighting, and horses and
greyhounds breaking down and/or dying on tracks - so many of these
animals being disposed of like garbage when they don't win.

I hardly consider that I have jealousy or envy as a hidden motivator
when I comment on these things.  I worry about the Mongolian ponies
the way I worry about abused animals, starving children, or anything
that is vulnerable to harm - believe me, envy is not part of that!  I
myself have battled with the urges of competition, be it endurance
racing, work or other areas of my life, I know what it's like to run
over the best interests of others - be they human or animal - in
serving my own interests.  I don't condemn myself for it, because it's
human nature, it's something I'm aware of and work to rise above.

I think that our best endurance riders have learned to balance the
urge to win with care for the welfare of others and do not see the
balance as a handicap - and for those who haven't, there are AERC's
rules.  Those that learn this balance have, in my opinion, earned one
of the most incredible gifts endurance racing has to offer.


Lif C. Strand
Local Economic Development
Catron County, New Mexico USA

life sized wild animal wall stickers


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