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[RC] Mongol Derby- interesting politics-NOT envious - oddfarm

Kat, I myself have been accused of being "green with envy" when I have commented about FEI and the "dessert rides". I promise, I couldn't be any less envious of that nonsense. I prefer to stay in the U.S. and spend my money in the U.S. (the UAE certainly doesn't need any of our money!) I support AERC sanctioned rides, because I do believe that by comparison the welfare of the horse is priority. (most of the time) I believe that is what the RM puts first, the vets, crew members and the riders. 
Just because one doesn't like something or someone, does not mean they are envious. It might just be that they know better :)
I think that the main point the writer from the Tevis was making that she is aware that these problems can occur because she herself has witnessed the same mistakes and doesn't want to see a repeat. Yes, we have lost horses in competition and yes even at the Tevis maybe. However, according to the WOTH reports, most deaths were unforeseen problems that couldn't have been prevented.
In any case, I think that as a group, AERC riders PREPARE their horses for the task, KNOW their horses like the back of their hand, and for the most part, will pull if there is any doubt.
Maybe not so much for the "adventure" rider.
I received an interesting e-mail from Michael Beesley asking for signatures to stop the race on behalf of Linda Tellington-Jones. His e-mail states that in the recent traditional Nadaam horse race in which the children ride, eighteen horses died from exhaustion. True? I don't know.
It also goes on to state that FEI couldn't be involved because it was not a sanctioned race. Plus, they stated that "Mongolia's membership in the organization had been suspended when they did not pay their dues.". Apparently now FEI is supporting the race even though it is not sanctioned and some think that "the influence of the Princess' husband was behind the overture to Morgan." (Morgan I think is the contact person for the adventure group)
"As confirmed by phone yesterday I am meeting with the Organizing Company this coming Friday when I can discuss the offer by the UAE Government through the Mongolian Government for providing support care for the horses involved in the upcoming Mongol Derby," Williams wrote. (Williams is with FEI)
I also received another e-mail from the Long Riders Guild saying something to the effect that the "vet organization" that was advertised to oversee this race actually had never been contacted by the race organizer. Supposedly they knew nothing of the race and if they did they wouldn't have supported it anyway. True? I don't know, but why in the world would the UAE government step up and say "We'll pay for it!"?
My take on this is that if done properly, meaning putting the welfare of the horse first, this could be a successful ride. I am not convinced, especially now reading that the Princess and her husband (the UAE government) are involved that this will be the case. My guess is, that if horses drop like flies, we won't see it in the paper :)
Lisa Salas, the Odd fArm