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[RC] FW: [Terry] Regarding the Mongol Derby - Kat/Terry/FEI Position - Terry Banister

Now the little ponies will at least have Veterinary Support, because until this point, there was nothing - but a lie.
What hard, scientific evidence do have that this information is all “a lie”?

I only know what I read. In this case, from theHorse.com:
The Adventurists said in a press statement they are working closely with V.E.T. Net, a non-profit animal health care organization for Mongolian veterinarians and nomads organized through the Christian Veterinary Mission. But members say that isn't so.

"We want to make it clear that V.E.T. Net has nothing to do with this race," said Johnny Haffner, DVM, a V.E.T. Net member who has worked extensively in the area.

"We were very concerned with the way the race was organized. It seemed a total disregard for horse welfare, the Mongolian people, and their spiritual honor for the horse," agreed Tom Juergens, DVM. "Any V.E.T. Net trained Mongolian veterinarians taking part (are doing so) of their own volition."

"May the Horse be with You"


Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 10:54:07 -0700
Subject: Re: [Terry] Regarding the Mongol Derby - Kat/Terry/FEI Position
From: sensei@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: ebeyrider@xxxxxxxxxxx


On 7/28/09 10:34 AM, "Terry Banister" <ebeyrider@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>That information has now been passed to the UAE who have expressed the wish
to provide elite level Veterinary Support, both in terms of equipment and
experienced personnel, to the organisers through the Mongolian Government
both pre, during and post event.<

There! Now the little ponies will at least have Veterinary Support, because until this point, there was nothing - but a lie.

*** The Derby website has much information about the veterinary care starting w/ info on http://mongolderby.theadventurists.com/index.php?page=horses and in the additional horse welfare document at http://mongolderby.theadventurists.com/files/newsreleases/MD09_Horse_Welfare_Logistics_Announcement.pdf
What hard, scientific evidence do have that this information is all “a lie”? You may choose not to believe them, but then why believe anyone here? No one, least of all the LRG, can prove one way or another that there is or is not adequate vet support. At least now w/ the UAE stepping in, we can have a higher level of trust.

> Face it, the Adventurists will gain more PR w/ this event than the LRG
 has ever enjoyed.<
Didn't I read somewhere that the little ponies will only be traveling 25 miles before they are switched out? If so, how is that glory/"PR" the same thing that the LRG riders accomplish?! It's not the same (equine) acheivement.

*** You know that and I know that—the LRG riders are much more accomplished in what they do. But the world doesn’t know that and maybe never will.

But I do agree that the LRG "doth protest too much" in order to be perceived as superior.

***I meant to use that quote, too. “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

And I still say these Mongol "Adventurers" could probably receive even more PR by doing the trek on foot. But, now that the UAE will be stepping in financially, I am sure it will be fine. They have plenty of Humm-Vs.

***The UAE involvement is heartening. I hope it will be fine, tho I truly think the naysayers are hoping for some tragedy to prove they were right.

"May the Horse be with You"


Beverley Kane, MD
Horsensei Equine-Assisted Learning & Therapy
Woodside, CA

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Transforming the Doctor-Patient Relationship with Equine-Assisted Learning

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RE: [RC] Regarding the Mongol Derby - Kat/Terry/FEI Position, Terry Banister