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[RC] HiTie placement - Dream Weaver

I plan on putting a single hitie on my trailer that is currently being built by Shadow Trailer. I want to drop ship the hitie to them and have them install it at the factory. My question is where to put it. Do most put them on the door to the lq side if they are only doing one horse or the opposite side. How far should it be from the awning? How far from the back? I would appreciate any help in trying to figure out where to put it. I plan on using it whenever I just have one horse with me and throwing up the electric fence when I have two at a ride. Is HiTie the better of the products??

Hi Linda - I had my ties installed on my trailer before it was finished as well.  I put the horses on the opposite side of the trailer as the LQ are on.  It really doesn't matter where you put it - just pick a spot that isn't going to be in the way of doors or windows opening.  If you want your horse on the LQ side, then that is fine.  I usually have two horses along so prefer to have them on the opposite side that way they won't be in the way if I do want to put the awning out.  Make sure that when a horse is tied on the tie that they can't wrap around something and get caught. 

Here is a link to my page on ties:  http://enduranceridestuff.com/blog/horse-trailer-ties/   and some comments about using ties:  http://enduranceridestuff.com/Comments.html

I like the hi-ties the best because they are quiet.  Plus, my feeling about some of the ones that move and flex is that horses learn to pull on them, especially when they are camped in an area where there is grass.  This is also one reason why I don't tie with bungees.