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[RC] Decisions, Decisions! Help! - Marlene Moss

So my primary horse is starting to have problems with her hocks and I've
decided to sideline her for now til I can decide what to do (I'm probably
going to have her cunean tendons cut since they are very tight and I've had
great success with that before).

But this weekend is Ft. Meade, which I've wanted to do for a while and I
have 2 free ride entries and there is a possibility the ride may not
continue, so I really want to go.

My husband's horse got a slight leg injury when we had to evacuate our
boarding facility for a wildfire last weekend, so he is already riding a
backup horse.  I'm trying to assess my choices - at least I have choices,
but that's also the reason that I don't have a solid backup horse ready,
since I've been working with several horses just a little.

First is a really nice mare that I've had for sale, but did a 25 on over
Memorial Day and she was wonderful.  She is also the mare I posted about
recently that has a swollen leg.  Her leg is still swollen (!!!!), we've
done several different sweat wraps (including furacin, DMSO and steroid that
the vet recommended), penicillin and icing.  No change whatsoever, but she
still doesn't have temperature, is not at all lame or sensitive to
palpation.  It's been over a month with no change and I've ridden her and
she's done great.  What is a ride vet going to think of this and does anyone
have any guesses if doing a ride will make it worse?  I'm hoping better, but
I'm losing hope that the leg will ever look normal, I'm just happy she's
sound and still loves being ridden since she's one of the sweetest horses
I've ever known.

Second is a boarders horse that did her first ride in May, but hasn't had a
lot of riding since because the owner dislocated her kneecap or otherwise
would have been going to the ride too.  Her plus is that she already has her
Coggins pulled, but she's really been idle since May and she's not mine.
She does have great recoveries though and seems a natural athlete.

Third is the horse that I've been bringing along with plans to make him my
primary next year.  He's 7, but had been owned by idiots before and when I
got him he reared, bucked, kicked, spooked and bolted.  He loves me and is
smart, so we're coming along nicely.  He is now a nice ride and has the best
recoveries I've ever seen (and he's only half arab).  He's not ready for a
fast ride mentally, but we wouldn't be going fast anyhow since my husband is
riding a backup horse too.  I really want to ride him, but I don't want to
push him faster than he's ready for.  He's only done about 15 miles a week
at most.

Other info, we're only doing 25's and we have experience taking
unconditioned horses to rides - we can go as slow as we need to to take care
of them.  I'm less worried about the physical fitness than mental for the
3rd horse.

Or are we just being stupid trying so hard to get to a ride that is 8 hours
away?  I need to decide asap because I have to get Coggins and health
papers!  Any advice is appreciated - because I'm having a hard time making
an analytical decision!

Marlene Moss
www.LosPinos-CO.com - boarding, training, sales
www.KineticEquineAnalysis.com - saddlefit for the horse in motion


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