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Re: [RC] Mom's horses - Vccfarms

We had 7 horses when my wife came down with cancer.  Even before then the kids said why do you have them all, especially since we got one 28 year old mare for free just so we admire her beautiful form.  She was a Naborr daughter and had still had his grace and his great elegance.  We sold 3 horses and still the kids didn't understand why we struggled as much as we did to keep the 4 we kept, but they are the reason my wife survived and I survived.  There is no better escape from the world then cleaning a corral, brushing a horse, sitting in the shade and admiring one of gods finest works.  3 years later we still have 4 horses, Deedie died and we had to enlist a friend to help pay to put her down, but we have a granddaughter and great granddaughter.
Horses represent life.
As I tell the kids, DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!
In a message dated 7/19/2009 8:32:50 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, marv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>If the family can afford to keep them I see no reason to get rid of
>them. I'm constantly being told that I should get rid of some of my
>old mules but I feel like they served me well for years so I should
>let them live out there lives in leisure.. Getting rid of them would
>be worse than selling my kids for they are a part of the family.and
>can not fend for themselves.

When we stopped competing our show horses came home and
mostly went into retirement.  As you said, they did their part
and now it is our time to do our part.  We have some pretty old
horses here and it looks like they are going to continue getting
old for years to come.

We also have a large collection of exotic birds, cockatoos,
Macaws, African Greys, etc.  We used to raise exotic birds
to sell then quit when people refused to treat them properly.
It wasn't the birds' fault.  They did their part and now it is
time to do our part.

A good person does well by his animals.

Marv "Parrots can live a hundred years?" Walker
Horse Info & Training DVDs ~ http://MarvWalker.com


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