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[RC] Question and answers for new vets - Coles

Hi folks,
We have a new vet in our area that is interested in vetting for endurance (now mind you we typically have 25-30 milers, hoping on a 50 next year).  She vetted for the ride last year and did it this year and is willing to do in for the next few years (Wahoo!)
She is looking for information about how to score in the BC/HV categories.  She does have the vet handbook but the information she is seeking is not in there.
Example:  a horse who gets a CRI of 40/48 vs a CRI of 56/52... both done at the 10 min mark from arrival time, the difference being that one walked in the last mile while one trotted in.  She is unclear as to how to award the numerical values.   Would it be unrealistic for the 40/48 to have a CRI of 40/36.  Is there any information, links, websites that we can supply to her to better understand how to award the values??
I am thinking a few weekends at ER's in the states (we are in eastern Canada) would help her alot, however this is not possible at this time.
This was my email to them this morning(as I was lying in bed after the alarm went off...)
Hi guys, just sitting her thinking about this CRI stuff.....
I am wondering if "we" are trying to place too much importance on the values we are obtaining for the following reasons:
- the CRI is "intended" to be a diagnostic tool for endurance races
- endurance is 50-100 miles
- only the top 10 horses would be receiving the CRI's
- the top 10 riders would be riding a hell of a lot faster than what we typically ride in a LD, in a miles per hour sense 
- in Maine I did the 25 in 3:10 and only because I got sucked into Steve Rojeks vortex as he passes me.... but it DID give me great insight into the speed with which they travel at the end of 50 miles!
- folks who do the 50's in the paces that "we" typically ride for the LD's, do not get CRI's done because they do not Top Ten
- the intent of the CRI is to show cardiac recovery, stress, fitness level etc
- I don't think the pace of 5-6 miles per hour is significant enough to be a TRUE indicator of cardiac stress when the riders walk the last 1/2 to 1 mile......
Jeff and Donna Lee Cole
Turning Point Stables
Browns Flat, NB