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[RC] Fly Traps - Kathleen

I also use the “add water to the odor attractant” bag type fly traps.  I hang mine using zip ties on the metal panels near my horses manure/urine areas.  I keep them refilled with water until they are stuffed full of flies.  I also leave the old ones up for a couple weeks when I put up new ones.  The bags last a month or more.  They work great!  They catch thousands of flies preventing millions more from being produced!

I hang the old fashioned pull out sticky strips in the barn in places I don’t want it to smell (the fly bag traps really stink).  They also catch lots of flies and are very cheap (.25 a strip).  They are a little gross and you have to be careful not to get “caught” yourself but they do work. 

I also use fly predators on a three week schedule placing them in my manure/compost and in the horses’ paddocks. 

I do not have to spray my stable area and use very little spray on my horses (usually only on conditioning rides to discourage deer and horse flies). 

My horses also wear fly masks and get a couple tablespoons of garlic every day (which my vet says is perfectly safe—he said it would take cups of garlic a day to cause anemia in a horse).  The garlic keeps the gnats off the horses.  I have experimented with the garlic and am sure it keeps the gnats off the horses better than any other repellent. 

Kathleen Ferguson