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Re: [RC] Monster?? - marybenstover

Check out the ride results and see how many people don't finish in time and don't get completions.    New riders are famous for walking slowly through the whole ride.   They don't manage their time well at the vet checks and get behind.  They are new to pacing and are really not aware of what their horse can do.   I don't mean ALL new riders but a great number of them. 


That does not even count the RM's who report the times incorrectly so that the riders do get a finish, even though they are overtime.  But that is another can of worms..............................mb







From: "Joe Long" <jlong@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Ridecamp (E-mail)" <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2009 4:12:54 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: Re: [RC] Monster??

Janice Taylor wrote:

> A monster? Dressed up?  Huh?  LD is simply a division to chose if one wants
> to ride the shorter distance for what ever reason.
> I don't remember LD ever not having a time limit, but my memory isn't the
> best either...<g>

Neither do I.

> Guess I just don't see your point. Are you asking that AERC change LD to a
> pleasure ride instead of a competition? In other words, you would prefer no
> LD at all?

To me, the idea of an LD ride with no time limit makes no sense.  It
would then be simply a trail ride.  Making the time longer is nearly as
bad -- allowing for a one-hour hold, the required speed now to complete
is only 5MPH. FIVE miles per hour!  A pace slower than that required on
competitive trail rides.  If you think some people do not respect LD
now, try allowing eight hours (or as long as you want) to go 25 miles
and see how much respect it gets.

Hmmm, on the one hand you have those who want LD rides considered
endurance rides, and on the other those who want no time requirement at
all.  Well, not all that different I guess ... both want to take
something whose reason for being is a challenge, and change it to make
it easier.  Go figure.

Joe Long  aka ChipRider


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Re: [RC] Monster??, Joe Long